Realistically, Lucky's Garage started in the early 1980's.  I worked as a mechanic in the trucking industry, for a major engine manufacturer  in Commerce City, Colorado.  Hand in hand with truckers and truck mechanics is Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I learned real quick that most of these guys have bikes and don't really want to work on them. So, I worked on their bikes in my garage at night and on weekends. I loved working on those bikes and still do to this day.

Jump forward 20 something years to 1997. I was in a motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. After a few years of rehab, I was back working on Harley Davidson's. I worked for a couple aftermarket shops for some years, then I decided I could do better on my own.  I was back in my garage working on Harley Davidson Motorcycles - talk about coming full circle !  After a few years of working in my garage, it was time to establish an official business (shop). In December 2003 Lucky's Garage opened it's doors, working on Shovelhead and Evolution models, with a few Panheads along the way.  Right away I was getting calls from potential customers to do repair and service work on Twin Cam models. Having no experience with Twin Cams, it was time to close the shop for a couple of years, and go to Arizona where I attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), to learn Harley Davidson Twin Cams. You learn Twin Cams from the front tire to the rear tire. While at MMI, I completed and passed all Harley Davidson PHD tests offered. I also completed all Harley Davidson PAS tests. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and received seven (7) "Professionalism Awards". I was certified in Twin Can and Early Model Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

You hear a lot of "pros and cons" about MMI. My experience there was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. It seems to me that most of the trash talking about MMI comes from people who have never attended.

Lucky's Garage is really a "Full Service Repair Shop". I know that every motorcycle shop that has a web page claims to be a full service shop. I don't really need to explain what we do here. What I will tell you is that you will be treated more than fair. You will always get more than you pay for.

One of our main goals is to have "good old fashioned customer service", where the customer is truly #1. Why be in business if your not going to treat your customers solid.

We love to work with women and first time riders. You will never be talked "down to" and made to feel stupid. That will never happen here. I strongly discourage any hanging around the shop. Frankly speaking, we just have too much work to do to be able to stand around and BS - no offense, but, we think you understand.

We will spend as much time as needed explaining to you whatever you need to know. You will never feel like we don't have time for you, and are trying to rush you out the door. After all, without you, we wouldn't have a business.

So, you can see how we started, and what we are all about.  I hope you will give us the chance to serve you. Give us a call; you will not be sorry.